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Notary Services @ Punctus Temporis Translations

In addition to translations, localization and other services, Punctus Temporis Translations offers Notary Services throughout the Bay Area.

Immigration Documents:

Translated Immigration Documents such as but not limited to: Birth Certificates, School Transcripts, Marriage/Divorce Decrees etc...
Notarized Translations and Certified translations are available upon request.
If you need to notarized any of the aforementioned legal documents that were not translated by Punctus Temporis Translations, please feel free to contact us so we can accommodate you.

We also notarize the following:

* Acknowlegments
*Copy Certifications
*Signature Witnessing
*Signing Agents
* and more

For more information on our Notary Services or to set up a Notary appointment, please email us or call us at (510) 309 0888.

As a reminder, Public Notaries are forbidden by law to provide any kind of Legal Advice.
Punctus Temporis Translations does not perform marriage ceremonies.

Our Notary is a member of the National Notary Association.