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By: Jessica | March 08, 2017

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We have teams of in-house Linguists. 

Each team is composed of three (3) native linguists. 

Each linguist handles one TEP process, either the translation, the editing or the proofreading

These are master translators whom have been selected through a thorough hiring process. 

In order to keep translations and localization consistent, we ensure that the same team of linguists work for the same client.

Each translator has a background in Languages, Foreign Languages studies or a field closely related to translations.

As such, we ensure that the translation services that we provide meet the expectations of our clients  and that the meaning of the document isn't changed but rather just simply translate...

By: Jessica | March 02, 2017

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 En règle générale, la définition d'une traduction médicale est: la traduction de documents techniques, de réglementation, cliniques ou de marketing, de logiciels ou de curriculums de formation pour le domaine Pharmaceutique, d'Equipements Médicaux ou de la Sante.

Notre processus de traduction médicale comprend:

  • la Traduction
  • La Rédaction
  • la Correction
  • la Révision par un traducteur de langue maternelle

Toutes nos traductions médicales (et autres) sont conformes aux normes de qualité suivantes:
  1. ISO 9001 - norme de qualité
  2. EN 15438 - norme de qualité Européenne pour les marchands
  3. ISO 13485 - Norme de qualité générale pour les fabricants d’équipements médicaux.
Contactez-nous pour vos besoins de traductions médicales, ...

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By: Jessica | March 01, 2017

translations, legal translations, translation, legal document translation, notary public, immigration,

Most often than not, legal translations related to immigration or court must be notarized and/or certified.

Notarized  translations are a must when dealing with USCIS. But there are a golden rules  when getting your  legal documents translated, certified and notarized.

  • The translation, must be made from the original document, and it should mirror  the original format.
  • The certification, must be included at the end of each translations. Only the translator who translated the documents can certify them. When certifying, said translator attests that s/he has enough knowledge of both languages and that the translation was done to the best of his/her knowledge.
  • The notarization, the tricky part,  a translator CANNOT  n...

By: Jessica | February 28, 2017

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By definition, a medical translation is: the translation of technical, regulatory, clinical or marketing documentation, software or training curriculum for the pharmaceutical, medical device or health-care fields.

Our medical translation process includes:

  • Translation
  • Editing
  • Publishing
  • Proofreading
  • Native translator review

All of our professional translations are compliant with the following quality standards:

  1. ISO 9001 - quality system standard
  2. EN 15438 - European standard for translation vendors
  3. ISO 13485 - overarching standard for manufacturer of medical devices.

By: Jessica | February 27, 2017

Professional translation services, language translation, spanish translation, translation, translations


Professional Translations Services by Punctus Temporis Translations

Introducing Punctus Temporis Translations

Punctus Temporis Translations is a full fledged professional translation company founded in 1999. It is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA and has one office in France.

The company offers, to a vast array of clients, translation and localization services in all major languages.

The CEO & Founder, Jessica Cade, started as a translator and slowly but surely founded Punctus Temporis Translations. She has a MBA and is a polyglot.

Social Medias:

TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn.

If you are interested in more information about Punctus Temporis Translations or if you need professio...

By: Jessica | February 27, 2017

Professional translation services, language translation, spanish translation, translation, translations 

 In 2017, and since the dawn of time, businesses have contracted with different companies. Some local, some international. In the mist of all these negotiations, the need for foreign languages stood out. 

Rather it is the translation of contracts, interpretation, translating medical files for a better doctor, speaking your client's language is even more important in nowadays.

Professional translation companies offer a vast array of translation services enabling corporations, big and small, to acquire more customers as well as going global.

ZTEC's says that " 60 percent of non-native English speaking online shoppers rarely or never buy from English-only websites." 

That is a lot of business right? And t...

By: Jessica | February 23, 2017

certified translation - notarized translations

Immigration processes can take a long time. But finding translation services from a good translation company is even harder.

On top of that,  even if the translation company is able to certify the translations,  most often than not,  there is no public notary on-site to notarize the certified translations. 

This adds another hassle to the whole immigration process. 

USCIS requires all original documents presented in a foreign language for immigration purposes, to be translated into English as well certified and notarized. 

Luckily,  here at Punctus Temporis Translations,  our certified translations are notarized right after the translation work is over. 

We have our very own public notary in...

By: Jessica | February 04, 2017

Whether you do business locally, nationally, or internationally Punctus Temporis Translations can help you with your translation needs. We offer Software Localization, Website Translations, TEP and more. We cater from small to large companies as well as private individuals such as Medical practices, University Professors etc.

By: Jessica | February 03, 2017

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Decidimos nós também lançar sobre estas plataformas, a fim de informá-lo sobre todas as novidades PT Translations. Nós começamos o ano de 2017, com muitos pedidos de tradução que torna este próximo passo necessário para nós.


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By: Jessica | February 03, 2017

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Nous sommes fiers d'introduire nos nouveaux réseaux sociaux sur Facebook et Twitter.

Nous avons décidés, nous aussi, de nous lancer sur ces plateformes afin de pouvoir vous informer sur toutes les nouveautés de PT Translations. Nous commeçons l’année 2017 avec beaucoup de demandes de traductions ce qui rend cette nouvelle étape nécessaire pour nous.


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